Topic Title: Brats
Created on July 29, 2008 at 07:08 PM


Just got my Heritage last weekend, and am still learning how to use it. Fixed hamburgers, hot dogs, meat loaf, and brats so far. Hamburgers turned out great, and so did the rest. One question about brats, though. We cooked them till they were completely brown, and they tasted great, but I thought they were a bit dry. I know you can steam the brats, but at what point do you start to steam, and how long? I've read 85%, but I'm not sure. I want to make sure they are completely done, since they're pork.


Most of the time, meat that is dry is overcooked. Try putting a disposable aluminum baking pan on the grill & put some beer in it. When your brats are 85/90 percent done, drop them in the simmering beer for 5 minutes. You can add some onion to the beer if you want to get fancy. The brats won't be dry if you do this!


Having grown up in the Bratwurst capital of the world, I can tell you that this is the easiest product to produce a perfect brat each time, if it was dry it was overcooked. I personally cook 750 brats last year for our Octoberfest without a dry one!

Joel (TEXAS)

Sooo....... you must be from Bucyrus, Ohio....the Bratwurst Capiatal of the World!


Ha Ha Joel, Johnsonville is a 2 billion plus business, and that is only one of many places around Sheboygan, Wisconsin!

Tina S

So Guys, as I am new to using a Holland grill how long should one cook thawed brats without using beer? 30 minutes?


Anyone for a time for brats?


Mike, You say it is the easiest thing to do but you don't tell us how many minutes to cook them. Secret?


Jim, I assume you're not getting the pre-cooked brats.

As far as time is concerned, I've had good luck with 6-8 min./side. I agree with the earlier post, that the Holland is the best brat cooker anywhere. If they aren't overcooked, they'll be literally squirting juice!

Forgot to thaw them out? No problem. Put frozen brats on a cold grill, and fire it up. At the end of the 15 minute warm-up time, they're ready to turn, for another 6-8 min.

Also, a guy named Nick posted some time ago, to close the valve when the brats are 85% done, pour in beer, top the brats with saurkraut, onions, and peppers, let them go another 6 min.


Boil them in water for about 45 min with a chopped onion and a beer, then season with lawrys and throw on the grill long enough to brown or (blacken if you prefer) the outside and give it a nice crunch but will be tender inside