Topic Title: Ham al Holland
Created on November 6, 2018 at 05:55 AM


Was thinking about cooking a ham on the holland. When looking at the recipe it says 20min per pound then at the bottom it says a 3lb ham takes 2hrs?? That's a big difference can anyone help. Thanks!!

Grill Man

A smoked (fully cooked) 20lb ham should only take a couple hours. I believe your supposed to cook it to 140 degrees. An uncooked ham would take much longer. Probably the 20 minutes per lb scale.

The link below should help answer your question...

Or hold your mouse on the Help link above, then click on cooking tips the click on the Timing Chart link.

@ Chad

Grill Man is right except I would go to 160 degrees in the center on a ham (pork). The primary lesson here that you need to cook by temperature, not time. All grills vary in internal temperature & you did not indicate what temp your grill gets to preheated. If you don't have a long stem meat thermometer, get one. Nobody can tell you how long to cook your ham if they don't know what your internal cooking temp is.
Good cooking & good eating to you, my friend. Meat of any kind is too expensive to ruin by over or under cooking.


Thanks guys my grill gets 400 degrees will keep a check with remote temp probe guess it's trial and hopefully not error LOL. It's a fully cooked ham only 9lb so I will look online for possible cooking times at 400 degree in a oven.