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Created on December 13, 2018 at 06:56 PM


I have a companion grill which has typical flame issues. Either not getting hot in cold weather (Northern NV) or having light winds blowing out burner. I have called and spoke with Holland manufacturing techs directly and even with the numbers of different post online, they said they had never heard anything regarding these issues. Very hard to believe! Having a mechanical and machinists back round I asked about and suggested step drilling holes larger with number drills to see if I could increase flame out put, btu's, and save from having burner blown out by winds. I also asked if regulator could handle or would I have to change do to pressure and cfm differences. Both techs and advisers did not have any idea or suggestions to help and have never heard of anybody doing this??? Has anyone else dealt with this or tried step drilling burner ports to cure these issues >> any suggestions?????? Thanks much for taking the time !!

Grill Man

Not sure who you were talking to at Holland, but that was an issue with some of the earlier models.
An air baffle was designed to go around the part of the burner that is on the outside of the grill covering the air flow from the gas supply. This helps with the wind issue. You should call Holland back and request that part if you Companion doesn't have it. Part number MG1-105AS.