Topic Title: Turkey
Created on November 16, 2007 at 07:20 PM


I'm cooking a turkey for the first time on my Holland Grill. Do I put it in a pan or directly on the grill with a roasting rack


I am cooking one also--first time---I think I am going to the turkey in a aluminum pan for the first hour, so I can get some of the juices to make gravy--but normally you just put it on the grill!!!


I only use a pan if i plan on using the juices for gravy. If you don't plan on doing this, then just put it right on the grill.


Turkey was awesome on the grill....awesome....cooked perfectly and browned very nicely


I did my fourth turkey this year. It was black-sooty.Tasted good, but not the usual golden brown.
How do I clean up the soot.


Big Earl (TN)

Hey Ron
If you're getting soot on your food, the grill is not getting enough air. Either adjust your air shutter or clean out the burner. Mine got full of some crud. I shop-vacced it out and cleaned out the burner good and it did great after that.


You really need to follow the instructions about the color of that flame. I had the same soot problem, to my embarassment with guests, and it turned out to be a spider web. A good indication is under the flame deflector plate. The soot will collect there and make some really funky looking formations. Once your flame is right, take the grill to the middle of the yard, and blow it out with a leaf blower, air compressor, etc. (Make sure nobody is downwind)