Topic Title: Breaded Chicken
Created on August 13, 2008 at 07:14 PM


I have a 3 lb. package of uncooked cut-up, breaded frozen chicken. Any ideas on how long to cook this?


Thaw your chicken pieces first & preheat the grill. Season if necessary & spread out on the cooking grid. Cook until golden brown, take one off & try it. If it's done, take the rest off & enjoy.


In the recipe section, it mentions cooking about 40-45 min. total, and turning about halfway through the cooking time. Sound about right?

@ Jim

You said it was "cut-up" chicken. I took this to mean smaller pieces (chunks).
If you are talking about legs, thighs & breasts, 30+ minutes are probably enough, turn 1 time. You are the final determiner of whether they are done or not.
It also depends on how hot your grill is getting. Newer grills get hotter than previous models & that is an old recipe you were looking at.