Topic Title: Cooking In The Snow
Created on August 28, 2008 at 01:57 PM


Hello Everyone

My wife and I are considering getting The Apex - love everything I've heard about it.

Has anyone cooked with it in cold weather? We live in Colorado and definitely have our snowy season - I want to make sure I'll still be able to cook with it during those coooooold days. I know some smokers fail if the outside temp is too cold - just wanted to check on the Apex.



Hi Brian,
We live in Canada (Manitoba). Lots of snow & very cold weather. We just bought an Apex about 2 months ago. Love it. Friends of ours cooked a turkey for us on their Apex last February. That was enough to sell me. Food may take longer to cook in cold weather, but at my age, I'm in no rush!
Hope this helps.


Don't worry! I live in Minnesota and cook outdoors about 340 days a year. Just remember to let it preheat, (very important) and don't rush it. As has been stated in other blogs, take the time it takes to warm up to do all of your prep work. You'll definetly use a little more gas in the winter but it will be worth the wait. Make a snowman with the kids or snow blow. Enjoy!