Topic Title: Blackened Tuna
Created on August 29, 2008 at 01:30 AM


Anyone tried to "blacken" anything on a Holland? Old Guy? Big Grilla? Demonstrator?

Don't make me get the Weber out from behind the wood pile!

Will a iron gridle on top of the cooking grate work?



Any sugestions on blackend tuna would like to try it.


I'll post my own reply to this one....there is one thing the Holland cannot do. I can't believe it myself. I tried to do a blackend swordfish the other night and the grill is just not hot enough (not due to any fault of the grill, its always a consistant 425 degrees) for "blackening". It still turned out great as "baked fish" with no complaints, just not the desired results I was looking for.

Next time I will use the cast iron skillet on the stove for the blackening necessary and move to the Holland to finish it off. Looks like I need to invest in the side burner after all.

Terry ( Illinois)

TerryO, I don't know about fish, but used an iron griddle for my chicken breast. I just set it on the main grid.

Got some killer grill marks that were nice and black. I bought this little cast iron griddle in the grill department at Lowe's. Half of it is closed or flat and the other half is open with diagonal lines about 1/2" wide.

I make sure I keep it oiled well with pam or canola. It seems to cook the meat faster also.
Good luck with your tuna!
ps. I looked for the grill tops from a Hibachi, but can't seem to find them anymore.


Terry, thanks for the suggestion, but I did exactly what you do. Maybe its the outside temp, its falling here in Minnesota pretty quickly. I used the cast skillet I keep with my camping gear for atop my Coleman stove. I let it preheat for 30 minutes and am always monitoring the temp. I figured that would surely conduct and retain the heat. Nope.

Thanks again for the tips!


The Grill Lab

Keep your eyes on the website folks--you'll see something coming soon that will blacken and sear like you won't believe.


Will it work on existing models????????


so has anyone tried the sear mate on blackened tuna?


John, a couple of months ago I did indeed purchse the sear mate. It works great and makes the best blackened tuna yo ever had! 1 minute each side and its done rare. 1.5 minutes and its perfect medium rare and fantastic texture!


Terry how thick was your tuna,and sorry to say but everything i make will be well done,thats just me LOL

@ the Grill Lab

What's the new gadget/gizmo that's coming out to blacken/sear? I'm ready to buy a searmate, but your post makes me think I should wait a bit....


The sear mate is a worthwhile investment but YOU HAVE TO CLEAN IT REGULARLY. If you use a wire brush to clean the grilling surface, don't bursh it over the ceramic. The debris fills up the holes in the creamic and it won't burn worth a darn. I have learned that after a few uses to take the grill off and clean it elsewhere, and I use my shop vac to clean out the ceramic. Works pretty well actually. jcomer, the tune I cook is usually about 1-1/4" thick. You won;t like well-done tuna by the way...


thanks terry