Topic Title: Need Help! - convert to Natl. Gas
Created on August 30, 2008 at 02:07 PM


I just got my grill and have it assembled. When I ordered from the factory I asked that it be for Nat. Gas. So, last thing to do is check that it is good for natural gas. OK, so I take the valve apart and look for something to tell me if this has the correct orifice size. Supposed to be #53 for natural. I look at the orifice in the valve, no lettering or nomenclature on it. Damn small hole, but how to tell if this is #53, or $67? So is there some way to know for sure which one is already installed? BTW, there is no other orifice included with my parts, searched everywhere. Last question. Hose to hook this up? Needs to connect to valve on one end, and the gas feed outlet on the other. Is there such a beast off the shelf? Thanks for your help. Really wanted to grill this weekend.

@Mike W

#53 refers to a #53 drill size. If you can get your hands on a #53 drill, you can use it to gage the orifice hole size.
Holland sells a 12' quick-disconnect NG hose on their web-site under grill accessories. You can look at this & buy a similar hose locally.
BTW-If your gas valve orifice was not changed to a #53, it will have a #57 LP orifice in it.
All of the above assumes you have a Stainless steel grill. The orifice sizes for a black grill are different & you did not indicate which model you have..


Got it figured out. They shipped it with LP gas orifice. Got my hands on a #53 drill and opened it up for Nat. Gas. We be grillin in time for Labor Day.

@ Mike


Monitor your temps carefully the first few times you fire it up. In my experience, hand drilled orifices are often oversize due to wobbly drills, etc. A couple of thousandths over can make a big difference & can get your grill too hot.

Terry (Illinois)

Hi @,
What happens when your grill gets too hot? Does it warp the drip pan? Will it flare-up?

BTW @,
Are you by chance the Demonstrator?

Whoever you are, you've been a valued part of this blog. Thanks much!

@ Terry

Hi Terry,
Just a guy who has been on the technical side of Hollands for years. I don't like to see a thread headed in the wrong direction so I stick my nose in once in a while. Don't want to see someone get bad info or get hurt.
Regards to you all.

@ Terry


I didn;t answer your questions did I.

If the grill gets too hot, the chances of warpage & damage to grill components greatly increase. Flare-ups are also a larger possibilty, especially for people who don't clean & maintain their grill on a regular basis.

You would be surprised how many people I talk to who have a 10 yr plus old grill & have never had the drip pan out to clean down below.

Terry (Illinois)

Dear @, Please keep nosing in on our blog! We support your anonymity and need your input!

I am thinking about building a "smoke shack" to grill out of the elements. A wind block is essential. but also plenty of clearance and ventilation.
Does anyone have any ideas or plans?
Thanks, Terry


Hi @,
The Legacy LS owners manual says the NG orific needs to be a 48. You state here that is must be a 53. I installed a 53 and it will not get above 300 deg. However, my grill has never reached the "green zone" on the thermometer, even with propane. What can I do for it to reach proper operating temperature when on NG?

Joel in Texas


How often do you recommend taking the drip pan out to clean down below?


Joel, If you use your grill intermittently, I would suggest at least looking under there for critters. I had a mouse nest in mine twice. I've had them run out during warm up too.
As far as cleaning it, maybe once a year. I just do a little scraping and vacuum it. The last time I even removed the heat shield to do a better job. It has 4- 7/16" bolts and an easy job.
The design keeps most debris out of there.


The #48 for the Legacy LS on NG is a mis-print & is incorrect. #53 is correct.
If it will not get above 300 with a #53 on NG, you either have a blockage somewhere in the gas valve or your gas pressure is low at the end of the hose.
If you did not get to full temp with LP, your gas valve is suspect.
These are not issues that should be discussed on a blog, you need to be calling Holland for help.


@ - I emailed the customer support people two weeks ago, heard a reply the first week, replied that day and have not heard anything since. I sent the message to a gentleman named Phil @ Holland Grills.

I feel, also, that is a major misprint in your owners manual. I am not able to set at home on the phone during the week to speak with a customer support line.

But, after reading through the Blogs, I am not alone in this problem with the Legacy LS.


A Blog is really for whatever issues a person wants to post. Is there something more he should know about the problem?