Topic Title: Natuarl Gas Regulator
Created on September 1, 2008 at 02:30 PM

Steve Simpson

I recently converted my older Holland Grill from propane to natural gas. I was told by Holland all that needed was the conversion hose to go from my home's natural gas bib directly to the grill along with the new orifice for natural gas. Now my friends are asking where my natural gas regulator is. They say the natural gas regulator will keep the supply uniform in pressure. I have notice that the pressure is not uniform and the flame constantly varies. Do I need a natural gas regulator and if so where to obtain?


If your house NG system is already regulated to the standard 7" of water column pressure, you do not need an additional regulator. Residential systems are usually regulated at the NG meter before it enters the home. You can check with your gas company to confirm this.


Your air-shutter adjustment should be made with the lid open & no food on the grill. Blue flame with flickers of yellow on the tips.
When you add food, that adds moisture to the air in the grill & causes the flame to pick up some additional yellow. Don't try to re-adjust when that happens, it's normal.