Topic Title: Timing
Created on September 2, 2008 at 12:24 PM


Hi just wondering about when to start timing? When you open the Grill to put your food on the temp drops should I start timing my food right away or wait for fhe grill to get up to cooking temp before starting to time. Thanks Craig

@ Craig

Sorry no one has responded, so let me try to help.

The cooking times & internal temps on our web-site are only guides, so you need to develop your own depending on your grill's individual heating characteristics & you own tastes. Most times were developed on older grill models which did not get quite as hot as newer models.

As a general rule, start your timing when you put the food on, after the preheat of 20/30 minutes. If you do not open your lid all the way or any longer than absolutely neccessary, your cooking times will be shorter. If you open the lid all the way & spend too much time adding the food, the grill will need to recover & your cooking times will be longer.

Basically, just use our suggested times as a rough guide & adjust from there. You will have it down pat soon.


Thank you for the response. it made allot of sence