Topic Title: Inconsistent Start Up
Created on September 2, 2008 at 08:11 PM


I have a heritage and have been having a problem recently where it only heats up to about 250-300. Usually I shut it off and on a couple times and somehow it takes care of itself and heats up to normal temp. This doesn't happen every time but it seems to happen more and more. Has anyone had this problem or know of what could be happening?

@ Brian

Look at the "Quick tip" under "Trouble-shooting" called "Grill not getting hot". You are doing something to activate the federally mandated safety valve in the regulator. When that happens, it shuts off gas flow & will not allow the grill to get to full heat.
If you don't understand, call Holland. 800-880-9766


Be sure to have the grill valve turned off when turning on the LP gas valve. This will prevent adequate gas flow. If this occurs. Shut gas off on tank and grill, disconnect tank hose. Then reconnect, turn tank on, then grill.