Topic Title: Grease leak
Created on September 3, 2008 at 08:49 PM

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I had a holland epic for 4 days. My only complaint is it is leaking grease all over. Grease is draining into the bucket, but grease also dripping from the seam on the right side of the bottom half of the grill. This is very disappointing and I hope it can be corrected.
I see a hole under the grill on each end, but I don't think the grease is coming from the holes.
Any ideas are appreciated.

@ New owner

The grease drains from the drip pan, down the drain pipe & into the bucket. There should be no grease in the bottom shell of the grill. Check your drip pan for holes or welding defects & make sure the drain pipe is screwed into the drip pan tightly.
Whatever you find, let Holland know asap so they can correct it.


i cooked bacon and put it to close to the edge so that the grease dripped on to the ledge that the grill was sitting on and thus the grease dripped around the drip pan and onto the bottom of the grill and thus dripped out of the seam in the front and behind the bucket. got to keep food away from the edges.