Topic Title: My grill is very slow
Created on September 4, 2008 at 03:06 AM


I don't think that this is the fastesat grill out there but this is ridiculos, it will never get hot enaugh to relly grill, it just gets hot .

what's up...? h e l p ! ! !

@ Ruzzco

There is no specific info in your post.

If you need help, call the Holland Company with your grill model no, serial no, date of purchase & type of fuel. They will help, but they need specific info.

BTW - Have you bothered to check the Trouble-shooting section of this web-site?

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@ - You can simply ask whether or not he or she has read the troubleshooting section. A comment such as "bothered to check" is unnecessary considering a person could have spent $1K @ the company you work for.


Hey Ruzzco--the Holland should get somewhere close to 400 degrees. If yours is not, there is simply something blocking the flow of the gas, and it can be one of only about 5 things--blockage in the orifice, bad regulator, something in the burner, bad LP tank valve. It happened to me when I first got mine and it turned out to be something stuck in the orifice. I called HOlland's help line and had it fixed and cooking in no time. Hope you get it going.

Bob T

I am @. I am an independent gas appliance repair tech specializing in repairing gas grills of most any brand. The comment above was not made to deride anyone in particular, but does reflect my personal views about people who will take the time to post negative comments about a product without giving someone who might want to help anything specific to work with. There are other clone grills using Holland's patents out there. We don't even know if it's a Holland this fellow is having a problem with. I know Holland to be a good company, give them something to work with.


Hi. My Holland (Apex) seems to cook at around 400 F at the max. I've noticed that as the weather is starting to cool off a bit up here, that the temp of the grill is slightly lower. Also, the wood chips in the drawer are not smoking like they used to. I knew before I bought my Holland that it just cooks slower than most grills. But, the food is excellent. No flare ups. Easy to use. Lots of time to put your feet up while your food is cooking.