Topic Title: help to level the grill
Created on September 4, 2008 at 07:43 PM


I am shimming the grill with everything I've got. I still can't get it perfect. I can't hold a gallon of water at a time because it's listing to the right and back a little. Can anybody give me a suggestion? beside the obvious...

Chad F

Have you considered that the grill may be level, but something is keeping the drip pan from being level.

The drain pipe threaded collar could be welded crooked so the crooked drain pipe is forcing the drip pan out of level. Also the drip pan must be seated properly in the notches in the drip pan brackets or it won't be level.

Level the grill off the top surfaces of the bottom shell. If the drip pan itself is then not level, look at the areas above.


Also check your drip pan for warpage. If it is warped, you will never get it level. It would need to be replaced.