Topic Title: Boston Butt.
Created on September 19, 2008 at 03:08 AM


How do I get a nice brown outer layer ? I spay my poultry with a spray butter but, I'm not sure about a boston butt. TIA.


Hi I have done A few Boston Butts, Love them I don't do them the slow way for pulled pork. I just Rub them heat up the Grill put A digital thermometer in, shut the door and cook it to 160 deg. Turns out Excellent every time nice and brown on the outside and cooked perfect inside.If your talking about cooking for pulled pork, check the form out many good ways to do them


I would cook to 180-190 degrees and yes I have cooked many. They are great, I usually chop mine and add the Carolina BBQ sauce!! Wow simply fantastic.


About 1 hr into the cook brush it with your sause then forget it until it done.


Last week I cooked a boston butt, and followed the recipe on this website exactly. It took a long time to cook on the grill - 6 hours, and another 6 in the crock pot. Let me tell you, this was the best Q I've ever eaten. My wife told me this was better than Lexington, NC BBQ. She should know, she's a native North Carolinian. I sent a container to my father in law, who lives in the BBQ Belt, and he proclaimed it was the best BBQ he's had that wasn't smoked as an entire pig. Needless to say, he's now entertaining the idea of purchasing a Holland. This weekend I was considering cooking another butt, and I would like to cook one for the in-laws as well. I know you're supposed to center the shoulder on the grill. I'm afraid with two shoulders on there it might cook unevenly. Has anyone tried cooking two at once? They would be approx. 6 lbs a piece. I thought about going with a larger one, but would like to keep them separate so they can finish theirs off in the crock pot.



If you already have the half rack for the Holland, place one on top and one on the bottom. If you don't have the half rack, two at the same time will still work, just rotate them every hour or so.

Tip: Injection baste the roast with some bud Lite lime, and also add to the crock pot for moisture. I learned this from the pros in North Carlolina as well....Truly the best! Have fun!

Carson in Utah

tdub--I've cooked that Bodacious Boston Butt BBQ too that's on this website and it was unbelievable. I get constant requests to cook it for people. I may start selling it. Go ahead and put 2 butts on there, they will do just fine. I've done it plenty times. I've even frozen bags of the pulled pork, eaten a month later and it too was very good, same as the original. Dang, now you got me thinking about Boston Butts again--off to the butchers. One thing I do though is pour the cheap beer into the grill and drink the good stuff.