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Created on October 3, 2008 at 12:59 PM


How often do I need to clean the drip pan ?

Also , For the guys that may have trouble with heat, I put an ajustable " red head " regulator on my tank. This allows you to adjust the preasure .



The drip pan needs to be free of grease & any significant build up before each use. A lot of thickness of build up will insulate the heat from coming through properly. Accumulated grease increases the chance of a flareup or fire in the drip pan. The no flare up warranty is based on keeping the drip pan relatively clean.

Hollands are designed to operate at 11" of water column pressure on LP gas. If you have done anything to change that,especially to a higher pressure, you may have voided your warranty.


I acctually bought this grill at a yard sale for $20. I had to get a drip pan , as there was not one with it . As it stands now I have less than $125 in the grill. I cooked a tied bonless boston but the other night and it turned out great. Put it on around 4pm and took it off at 6:45. I did ramp the heat up a bit at the end. I may get a gauge on my tank so I see what pressure I'm running and also a themomator in/on the grill itself. I took it by our local dealer when I got it and he was willing to double my investment, I think I'm going to like it.


Sounds like you got a deal. When you get a chance, get the model number & serial number off the front of the grill & call Holland. 800-880-9766

They will make sure you are on the right track to operating your grill properly & safely.


I bought one yesterday at a garage sale. Was asking 25 got it for 29. Cooked some pork on it today and it was good.


I meant 20 not 29. Thats what pork and grew will do to you


Cleaning the drip pan is not a real fun task, but rewarding if you want consistency in your cooking and flavor. If you really want to clean if effortlessly, slow cook something with water in the pan every other week or so and watch it turn shiny silver again without any scraping. Killing two birds with one stone if you will.