Topic Title: Can Cook Big Turkeys?
Created on October 10, 2008 at 09:42 PM

Martin James

Has anyone cooked a 18-20 pound turkey on a Holland?
I see some people have cooked 13 pounders, but those are on the small side for my family.


In the "Turkey" thread below, Kera said she cooks (2) 13 lb turkeys at the same time. Plenty of room for a 20 pounder.

JohnM, Orange Co.

I grilled a 22-pounder once on my Holland. It tasted wonderful. But, you gotta watch the wings on a big turkey--they get close to the edges and they will get a little blackened. I now usually grill one about 16-17 lbs. Also, watch the stem of the lid thermometer--if it touches the turkey, it can give you a false reading and make you think your grills isn't getting hot.


I have a Epic I also had a problem I usually cook 2 whole chickens on the Holland posts. last time i did one put it right in the center shut the lid went inside for 1 hour came out my grill temp was 180 thought that was strange un till i opened the Grill to find out the probe was in the chicken The chicken was great but next time will move the Chicken to one side or the other.


What I have learned to do with the Holland as well as my keg roaster is to use a length of butcher's twine and tie the tips of the wings together just tight enough to get them off of the grate and away from the outside surface of the grills. Simple solution. The string is a bit hard to find but if you ask the butcher at your local grocery store for some they are usually happy to part with a couple of feet. Of course if you want to continue this favor it's wise to bring him an occasional sample of your work.


Oven cooked turkeys have always been dry so I have been using the Holland grill to cook my turkeys by closing the drain and filling the pan with water. This works great!!!


Does anyone have any good receipes?


for the old guy.
I live in saginaw mi and the weather is cold here, I would like to know how long it took you to cook the 2 turkeys.
I have 2 to cook for thanksgiving for my family and they are both 13lbs each.

Mike Stiles

Do all of you use water? I do not see in the recipe listed where it says to use water but it seems like it would keep it more moist. Please advise, I am cooking an 18 pounder for Thanksgiving.