Topic Title: Holland v. Big Green Egg
Created on October 12, 2008 at 01:50 AM


I've moved to charcoal over the years, and have become a Big Green Egg fan. However, my brother does some serious grillinjg on a Holland when we visit his family in Augusta. What do you experts out there think? Also, what is involved in conversion to NG?



If you are asking about a Holland grill conversion, it couldn't be simpler. Order a NG orifice for the gas valve($1) & the 12' Quick disconnect NG hose($21.99) & you are all set. Both items are available here on the web-site.
You have eaten food off a Holland, so that speaks for itself.


Correction, sorry. The 12' QD hose is $32.99. Under Grill Accessories.
The orifice will be under Parts/Warranty >model number >gas components.