Topic Title: Turkey - Internal Temp
Created on November 20, 2007 at 03:33 PM


What about temp? Holland recommends pulling bird out at 180-185. However, isn't that a little overcooked? After you pull the bird out at 180-185, the internal temp will continue to rise over the next 30 minutes and the white meat will dry. Alton Brown ( recommends a much lower interal temp but he is cooking a bird that has been brined and cooked in the over (Alton pulls out his bird at 161). Maybe Holland is playing it safe and following the government standards. What say you?


Would love to get an answer on this having seen the Alton Brown temperature rec.
My instinct says 180 is too high.

Marty, Scranton PA

I grill about 10 turkeys a year on my Holland. 180 degrees is perfect. Even if you let it rest. Now in a conventional oven inside, it may be too dry. But they're always juicy and moist on the holland grill. One test I do is to pull on the turkey drumstick. If it starts to pull off, it's done.


I used a digital temp probe and pulled my turkey breast off the grill when the temp indicated 180. It was just right.