Topic Title: Clips for the cover
Created on October 26, 2008 at 10:59 PM


I bought a Holland cover for my Heritage grill. The grill is hooked up to natural gas, so it isn't going anywhere. I have used the Velcro tabs to pull the sides in, but on a really windy day, those often come apart. I've already had the cover fly away when I wasn't home. I'm considering getting some sort of clips, like the ones Office Max sells for clamping stacks of paper, but I'm worried that the notches in those things might cause the cover to rip in a strong wind. Does anyone have any ideas for doing something to ensure that the cover doesn't fly off the grill?


I ended up buying a long bungee cord for $3 at the auto supply store. It pulls in the cover just under the shelves just enough to not allow it to balloon off.


Take the cover to a canvas shop. A shop that makes boat covers. They can stich on straps with snap buckles for about $5-$10. Trust me, it works.