Topic Title: Grill running too hot?
Created on November 21, 2007 at 12:47 PM


I recently refurbished my eight-year-old Tradition with all new bottom shell assembly and top shell. Everything went fine, but now the grill heats up to 475-485 degrees--more than fifty degrees hotter than it originally topped out at. Anybody had this problem before? If so, what can be done to bring the temp back down to 425?

Big Pa

Unlike you, I have more problems with my grill not heating above 300 degrees on a windy day or when the temperature outside is cold. Is this normal? My air seems to be set correctly and the burner seems ok. Dissapoints me considering the cost of the grill. Can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong? Have followed the troubleshooting guide.

@big pa

You should call Holland for trouble-shooting help. They will want all the info on your grill so get your model & serial number off the front before you call them. 800-880-9766

Carson, Nev.

I rebuilt my old Holland too and it was hotter. Holland tole me as long as it did not get over 500 degrees it was fine. Does a great job with burgers, etc.


Big Pa, I live in Oklahoma and it is always windy. I had quite a time getting my grill to come up to full temp until I started leaving it in my tool shed out of the wind. I cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving with air temps below 40 degrees outside and I had no trouble keeping the grill at proper temps. If you can not leave it inside at the very least get it out of the wind.


Hey guys---I know they tell you not to do it, but you can cool down the grill by turning the control handle down a little. I cook ribs and whole rib-eyes on 200-225 degrees on my old Classic 2. It hasn't hurt the operation one bit, and it's a little over 6 years old. Also, I really don't have trouble with wind---I have more trouble getting it hot when the outside temp is down--and I grill all year around in the mountains of Tennessee.


My Legacy is several years old. Has always had a problem getting hot enough. Wife says get rid of it. Dealer told me to replace LP orifice with NG orifice, no real help. Completely dismantled and cleaned which helped temporarily. Seems like I have to reset air adjustment to adjust flame and still have trouble with the right blue-yellow flame. Will try some of the tips I've read. Just found this blog. Thanks.


To Richard,
Sorry, I couldn't help but notice that your dealer told you to change to a NG orifice. PLEASE, take it out & put the LP orifice back in. If you ever get your gas flow restriction fixed, the NG orifice will dramatically overheat your grill & damage it! It also voids your warranty.
Call the Holland Co with your model & serial number. They can trouble-shoot for you like they did for me. It may be nothing more than a regulator reset like it was on my Legacy. 800-880-9766


I have my grill on NC.
I found it to be on the cool side in our Minnesota winters. Especially at 27 below and wind chills of minus 40. So I drilled the orfice out one drill bit size bigger. And in my gas line I placed a shut off valve in front of the grill (pestal) and I regulate the temperature from there. Plenty of heat in the winter and keep shut off valve reduced in summer.


To: Big Pa
I too had problems with wind and purchased a pair of sleeves to go over the stacks. They are sort of a half pipe made out of alum and can be adjusted to swivel around to block the wind side. they have helped some. Got them from the Holland rep that gives demos at dealers. They were not a Holland item. Holland says they lowered the stacks on the newer models to take care of this problem. My grill is a Tradition about 8-years old.


I had problems with my grill not getting hot changed the regulator and problem solved. If you have never tried the "up the butt" beer can chicken with Rump Shake you are missing something special. It's also fun to tell your guests you rump rubbed the up the butt chicken they are eating.


To everyone who is having a problem with their grills heating up. A quick fix is to loosely ball up some aluminum foil and put it in one of the smoke stacks. You may also have to adjust the air shutter on the inlet of the burner.


To Nick & all:

Bad idea to block the stack or stacks with anything. DON'T DO IT! IT'S DANGEROUS!

Under the right conditions, the burner can starve for air & go out when you are not expecting it. You are then filling the grill with unburned gas.

If your grill is not heating properly, get it fixed! I speak from experience.


Hot". It quickly turned into "Grill NOT running hot enough". By courtesy, if you have a different problem, then you should start another post. Again..not trying to make anyone mad, but the replies should fit the "posted question" so that we can all learn from each other. I have found some really great imformation on here and I DO appreciate everyones comments.

Happy grillin !


I just bought the Holland Epic 2 days ago the flame seemed to be adjusted, however its running at 500 -525 any sugestions??


I had A problem Keeping my legacy up to temp
and I called tech support and talked to them
and he told me to take gas line off tank for
3 or 4 minutes to bleed out gas to reset regulator
and put back on and turn gas on slow..He also said
it is very very important to when lighting turn gas on
first then the grill..when shutting off turn grill off first then tank if you do not do this it affects the regulator and has to be reset it will not reset itself
I did this and now my temp is in the green 400 degrees
all the time now give it a try hope it helps


Did you purchase the bottom kit from Holland? The new gas vales have a #47 orifice and yours when you purchased it new had a #45. You can pull the valve and put a #45 back which is just a $1.00 from Holland.

Gary D


The orifice size info above is incorrect. These sizes are larger than anything Holland uses & could damage your grill.
On this web-site, go to Parts/warranty >your specific model number >Gas components. The orifice sizes for both Ng & LP gas are listed there.