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Created on November 25, 2008 at 01:43 AM


I've been contemplating going from a flame thrower (charcoals) to a Holland grill. I want something that doesn't take a rocket scientist to grill a good turkey, chicken, steak, etc and still have the flavor of outdoor cooking. Give me something to convince me to take the plunge. It's a lot of money to just end up being a yard ornament.
Reluctant in Kansas


Dale, I've been a Holland owner for ten years now and I can give you two big reasons to join the Holland movement: (1) the Holland is virtually fool-proof. You follow directions, watch the time and enjoy the great tasting food--time after time. (2) The longer you use the grill, the better you like it and the food you cook on it. The more relaxed you get about the process, the more you enjoy it.

Jeff G


I owned a Char-Griller pit for seven years and just got sick of the cleanup, prep times, and maintaining the fire. I bought an Apex a few months ago and I love it. I have made steaks, burgers, meatloaf, whole chickens, and the the best beef brisket I made in my life. I have been converted to a proud Holland owner and won't look back! It is surely different than using charcoal but its not always a bad thing.


Thanks for the input. It's what I needed to hear.


Jeff G
Thanks for the encouraging and positive input. It's what I need to hear form Holland owners.


Hi Dale....GO FOR IT !!!!! You won't be disappointed ! I use to let my wife do all the grilling because I hated fighting the flames and having to watch it every second. all the grilling and plenty of it. Makes everything easy and taste great also. I'm sure you will be happy with it.

Happy Holidays !


My Weber is in the barn and it's all Holland now. I got mine in Sept.. You'll never go back. Try your first steak. Juicy and tender, not dried out or overcooked. No comparison.


Thanks Michael and scott
I think I'm going to go for it. possibly this weekend. We have a dealer close by.


Reluctant, I bought my first Holland in 93 after eating food prepared on one owned by my best friend. He bought his in 91. I needed a new grill because I burned my old charm glo,sun beam piece of garbage, to the ground. My friend and I would talk on the phone while working on some project or another and he would say "You know what I'm doing?" and I would say no. He would say I am cooking a turkey. Remember, if you are lookn'you aint cookn'! Chickens are the juiciest ever. Pork shoulder makes incredible chopped BBQ. Steaks come out like prime rib. The grease goes away into a bucket. No fuss. I bought my Dad one and he loved it. A dozen friends have bought them. One guy bought 2. I have three. I wouldn't trade mine for anything. I am cooking a 15 lb turkey on mine right now. My mother wouldn't want any other kind. Tomorrow I will haul the finished bird 45 miles and get rave reviews. Crispy, juicey, and the best ever. I forgot to mention, my best friend still has his original grill. It cooks just like the day it was new or better. 17 years and going strong. For service like that it is the cheapest grill you can buy. Do it. Don't look back!!

Martin James

I really like my Holland for fish, pork and all kinds of birds.
But for beef I am getting a small flame thrower. The Holland will not give you that searing experience that I like on my beef.
Over all.. the Holland is great and well worth the money.


Dale, If you ever own a Holland you will wonder why you waited so long. I've had mine a year and would not trade it for two of any other brand no matter how many bells and whistles it has.

You cant mess up with a Holland if you follow the instructions. GO FOR IT DUDE...


Did you do it yet?


Do buy a Holland. Fortunately, I was able to find a used one last week. I will not go back to using charcoal or any other gas grill, which I have used in the past. You will not be disappointed



If you are in SE Kansas let me know and i can get you a demo grill to cook on for a weekend and try before you buy. We are a dealer and absolutely love the product and it's simplicity as I think you will.