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Created on August 10, 2015 at 12:13 PM


Hi! We recently borrowed a friends smoker and did up a turkey, butt and ribs. All came out great. Was looking at the Holland Grill website for tips on using my Holland grill as a smoker. Any suggestions out there?



Welcome to the Holland Grill Community! Our grills cook all food really tasty but it is not true slow-cooked barbeque. I have smoked a chicken with a charcoal smoker, and the flavor is unmatched to any gas grilling method. There is a big difference between barbeque and grilling, mainly time and temperature. However, The Holland is the simplest method for tasty food. I love using apple chips for added flavor.


I would be interested to know what the best way is to use smoking chips. I soaked mine and put them in the bottom (grease catcher) of the grill--I wasn't happy with the meagre amount of smoke I generated.
However, I use my grill on my boat where(open flames)
flare ups like most small grills are notorious for, is not an option. I have learned to respect my Holland after some adjusting. It does rack of lamb eleguently and thick steak cuts perfectly.


Holland gives you a small open tray to put your chips in for smoking. I'm not sure if they provide one with the Companion grill but I don't see why it wouldn't work too. I set mine on the drip pan in one of the back corners and it will smoke for about a half hour. I also wanted more smoke time so I purchased a larger cast iron box with a lid and vents. It will last a good hour, which is when most meats take on their flavor. Holland's alder wood is awesome on most foods, especially fish. You don't have to soak Hollands wood pellets, but it is best for wood chips.

Iron Chef Rancho

In response to Dan and his query about using a Holland for smoking you can. BWG With a work around. The smoke pellet drawer in my Legacy is all but useless. I have tried since I’ve owned the unit to get it to smoke. It just doesn’t work. What I find that does work is buying those disposable muffin pans and cutting three of the cups off, filling them with pellets and putting it in the center back of the unit. This works for me and has for quite sometime. As for the heat thing and not being able to use the grill as a “smoker” per se, well, I can’t tell you to turn the flame down. I have heard that there are those that turn the flame down to maintain a low heat smoker.

Gary Schumacher

I have found a way to cook/smoke at a lower temperature. Rather than messing with the air shutter, I back-light the grill. Normally I would turn on the gas tank then turn on the gas valve on the grill and then light it. Howver, if you turn on the gas valve, then the gas tank and then light the grill it should cook/smoke at a lower temperature. I know you are thinking "What difference does that make?" I don't understand why, but I know it works for me. Just make sure to temperature test the meat instead of cooking by time!!!


Gary, the reason your grill is cooking at a lower temp when you back lite your grill is there's a saftey valve on the newer propane tanks that trips when you back lite and you will only get half the gas pressure than normal. when your ready to cook at normal temp you'll need to disconect the tank and turn on normal way to reset the saftey valve. A nother way to cook at a lower temp is close the drain valve to your drip bucket, fill your drip pan with water (should bring temp around 300)and if thats not low enough prop the lid open about one inch with a piece of wood that should bring it down around 250


I'm looking for more smoke from my Holand. I've tried the backlight method, and began with smoke chips right from the start, but very little smoke and/or smoke flavor

Terry (Illinois)

Hey grill guys, I too am in search of more smoke from my Holland. I've been in touch with a local pitmaster who uses stricly hickory wood. He offered a hint for us gassers I've yet to try. He said forget the small chips, use larger pieces and do not soak them in water and they should smoke longer. Of course his chicken tastes like biting into a smoking log (too much). I don't think backlighting achieves the high temp to start wood smoking. And if I fill the water pan under normal lighting, then my wood chips get soaked. Anybody have any help for us smokefree gassers?


Just put the chips in foil, then lay them on the drip pan in the upper left corner. about a cup and a half of chips is good. I use greek seasoning on chicken with akder chips. Got lots of compliments!!

Chris Sumrell

Go to I bought one several years ago and you can drill one hole in the side of your Holland and fit this device. It uses a slow burn cartridge. Check the web site out.


The best way to smoke on the Holland Grill would be to use the larger wood chips, soak them in water for 24 hours. Put them in the dispoable tin pans cover with foil and put random holes in foil. Take your drip pan out and put your tin pans under your drip pan and set the pan on top off them. Then fill drip pan with Water, Wine, or whatever you like. Make sure drip pans stays full, Helps with temp. (Plenty of smoke)


Has anybody tried restricting the vent stacks? The vent on my Cookshack Smoker is very small. It would be interesting To see if this helps. I cooked ribs today on my new heritage and virtually no smoke flavor was transferred from the wood chips.

@ Paul

Please don't block the stacks in any way. This can cause the flame to go out while cooking. It's dangerous!


I tried partially blocking the vent stacks and it made all the difference. The chicken and pork chops both incorporated the smoke creating a pink constancy on the outer part of the meat. Much better taste!

Don't know why "@Paul" thinks its dangerous. The flame seems to have ample flow from the bottom. Most gas grills that I know do not have vent stacks at the top of the grill. It worked for me and imparted the smoke flavor into the meat.

@ Paul

What he is talking about is blocking air circulation in the grill. If the air can't get out the stacks, it can't get in the bottom. The burner can use up all the oxygen. If the burner goes out or just starts to flicker, the bottom of the grill can fill with gas. When you open the lid & introduce oxygen again....boom.
Holland used to have a strong warning on their web-site not to block the stacks for this reason. I wish they would put it back on.


@Paul was just advising you of a known safety issue and common sense.


Thanks for the info. I guess that means that air duct located at the bottom of the grill does not provide sufficient oxygen to the burner without the assistance of the vent stacks at the top of the grill.

Best then to use my Cookshack smoker for the initial smoke before grilling meat (particularly ribs)on the Holland. For the record, I think the Holland does a super job of keeping meats moist. I grilled tuna tonight and it was fantastic.


I've had my Holland for about 10 years. I have hickory, mesquite and apple chips. Whenever I grill any meat I layer the back side of the drip pan under the grate with DRY chips just an equal amount of each and just enough to cover the pan and I'm telling you it makes a huge difference. I let it burn for about 20-30 minutes and it will enhance any meat you put on there. Forget the tray it doesn't work for me.


I have been tying to get smoke? Unless there is some magic trick for the drawer, it does not work. I retrofitted a juice can and it has worked ok but not great. So did some searching and came across the Bradley Smoke Generator. It is the same generator as on their smokers but now available to adapt to most anything. At $165 a little pricey but will convert our grills into a real smoker.

Tom Kirkman

My Apex smoke drawer works fine. I can generate enough smoke that the neighbors know I'm grilling.


Just got my Wrangler! Used it to cook some Turkey burgers and some Salmon tonight! Used the smoker drawer and it worked out great! Use them dry, instead of soaking like I used to with my Weber charcoal grill. Lots of smoke and good flavor!


Been cooking w my holland for 13 years love it. Just got into smokn and have had great turnouts with ribs, butts, loins, and brisket. I take out the drip pan and place water soaked chunks on some foil on the heat plate. Meat will only take smoke for the first hour or two so i use 3 or 4 nice chunks (experiment). I place the drip pan back in, have had flare ups without. Just figured out that my filters in smoke stack are plugged and my flame was not getting oxygen this is dangerous guys be careful on plugging them up. I think there is fine line on restriction but am all for great smoke flavor. happy smokn


WE just soak wood chips in water for 30 minutes and wrap in tinfoil pouch poke holes in the tinfoil and place on pan, it gives out good smoke,