Topic Title: Heritage a Smoker???
Created on January 30, 2009 at 02:20 PM


I have an old heritage grill, how or can i use it as a smoker as well??


I'm not really sure about the Heritage, I have a Legacy. You should be able to put some wood chips on some small pieces of foil and then place the foil in the corners of the drip pan (underneath the cooling grid).


I too have a Heritage and no, it is not a good smoker when using wood chips. What I have found to work well is to use Liquid Smoke. After I preheat and put the food on, I pour a few drops right through the cooking grid onto the hot drip pan. The drip pan has to be clean in order for this to work well. Give it a try.


Any full size Holland grill can add smoke flavor to your food. You need to place a small aluminum tray in the back left corner of the drip pan which is the hottest place in the grill. If you use the compressed sawdust type of pellet like Holland sells(Flav-o-Buds, under Seasonings & Sauces), they will light up & smoke better.
Put the pellets in place, light the grill & preheat. Do not put food on the grill until you see smoke coming from the chimneys. Your grill must get to 400+ before you will see any smoke.
Info is on page H-8 of the Heritage owners manual.