Topic Title: Steaks and Burgers
Created on February 3, 2009 at 06:47 PM


I gotta tell you folks--I've had my Holland for a year now and the steaks and burgers are out of this world! Never had I had such a juicier burger or steak. It's doesn't burn the crust, but it does blacken and man--the flavor is out of this world! About 12 minutes per side on an inch thick sirloin with that Carolina seasoning and crushed peppercorns--man, unbelievable! Thanks to the folks at Holland.


Man I just got a Legacy second had and it is taking me forever to get my burgers cooked. Help???

Jeff G

We are going to need some more details...
What temperature is your grill getting to?
Is it Propane or Natural Gas?
What is was your outdoor temperature/was it really windy?


Quit opening the lid. They are not burning.

When I first got mine, I kept wanting to look at the flame/meat..

Cook burgers 10-15 min on each side.

Should come out about perfect.