Topic Title: BBQ Chicken Questions
Created on February 8, 2009 at 11:45 AM

Mike G.

What is the best way to cook BBQ chicken halves on the Holland? Do you start them bone-side down? Do you need to turn them during the cooking process? How long should it take to cook chicken halves?
Thanks you.


Mike if it were me. I'd start meat side down and cook for about 10 min. Flip and put BBq sauce on them and cook until done.

That's just me though.

Jeff G


I have found that cooking skin side down, if left that way too long, will dry out the meat(especially the breast). I usually just rub some butter or olive oil on the skin so it browns, like "wbc" said, 10-15 minutes on the skin side down, then flip and finish cooking. I always use a meat thermometer when cooking poultry, you'll always get the best results. If you were to ask this question to 10 people, I am guessing you will get 9 different answers.


Go with the beer can chicken recipes. No need to worry about turning. Most cooking stores have beer can cooking holders. Cableas on the internet has them.


Or you can just get the Roasting Post from Holland....not as cheap as a beer can but better looking and works just as well!


@brett and sean better read the question again, beer cans and roasting post only will work on whole chickens