Topic Title: ribs = not enough meat
Created on February 17, 2009 at 01:31 AM


I grilled some ribs this past week. they were great.
But it just seems its not worth it due to the amount of time it takes versus the amount of meat you get in the result.
Maybe I should have went to a butcher to have some cut with more meat left on them?

Or get those short ribs..


Were you cooking Texas beef ribs or pork baby back ribs? Texas beef ribs have very little meat on the bone relative to the size of the actual rib. Baby back pork ribs however yield the most bang for your buck if looking for a meatier rib. short ribs will leave you dissapointed on the grill as the fat content is too high and these are best left to slow cooking or crock pot recipes.


I like to grill country-style ribs on my Holland. Season them up and grill about 25 minutes on each side. Lots of meat--juicy and tender.


I bought some "short Ribs".
Basically a rib with more meat on it and its cut (bone too) in about a 6 in length.
I'll be trying them this week.


they worked out great.
I used some Mrs Dash, the Holland Carolina seasoning, and Montreal Steak seasonings.
Put some aluminum foil on the grill (edges rolled up for easier cleaning). Then put the ribs on it (bone down).
20 minutes later, I turned them and then put some Franks Hot sauce and Grendeddy Daves sauce on them.

Those things were great and a lot more meat then the normal ribs.


Well you know anything you put that Grendeddy Dave's on will be the best...! :)


You all are missing the boat if you don't try the Holland BBQ sauce. It's got something for everyone--sweet, smoke and a little kick. Got some for Father's Day and I really like it.


I bought a bottle of Holland BBQ sauce & a rack of spare ribs. It's a man's "to do list" tomorrow & there on it. I'll let you all know how it goes.
BTW I bought my Companion about 2 months ago mainly for camping & last week I put my stainless flame thrower up for sale. I'll be getting a large one soon.

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