Topic Title: Companion Trouble
Created on February 17, 2009 at 11:19 AM


Has anyone had trouble with the gas regulator on the companion. Im on the second one this month. It just stops putting out gas, small bottle or 20 lb cyl.Do we need a regulator before the regulator ??



Call The Holland tech dept with the info on your grill. They will help determine what the problem is. 800-880-9766


I havent had a prob with mine at all.
I use a LP tank.


"Stops putting out gas".
do you mean it doesnt get a hot as it should?
I have one and i couldnt figure out why it too so long to cook something.
I then figured out the lighting sequence.



Make sure the plastic cap is tightened on the regulator. Mine fell off once and it seemed to take forever to cook a steak. I found and replaced the cap and it fixed the problem.