Topic Title: Steak Sear
Created on February 25, 2009 at 10:24 AM

Aaron from PA

I saw announcement for your new Searing unit on your website. When will this be available? I think it's a great idea. I've had a Holland for years and can't wait to try this new item!


My dealer told me yesterday that he should have it in 2 weeks. I ordered the Apex grill and the sear burner. He didn't even know it was available yet, and was as excited as I was. He ordered three I think.


@Aaron Are you sure you have a Holland Grill? I've had a Holland Grill for over 12 years. I've cooked every kind of steak you can think of and they come out juicier and more tender than when I use to fry (sear)them in an iron skillet,witch I haven't used since. So for the life of me I can't figure out why anyone that has a Holland Grill would want to burn (sear)thier steak before grilling on thier Holland


@Tom--yep I definitely have a Holland Grill and I love the way it cooks a steak. But you know, every now and then I like to try something different. I don't think searing really seals in the juice but it sure has a good taste.


I too am waiting for the searing unit. Not for steaks necessarily, but for blackening seafood and chicken. Months ago Holland said they were coming out with this retrofit item and to watch the website for it. Hopfully they announce its arrival on this site so we all know when its available.


I spoke too soon, it is shown now with the grill accessories.

I sure wasn't expecting the $300.00 price tag though!!!

Guess I'll have to wait for a really big bitrhday.

Edward in OH

I've been a Holland Grill owner for many many years and just love the thing. I've been working on designing an outdoor kitchen with the Holland and some other items. I have been looking for a searing station but found the prices STARTING at $1,000! So to me $299 is a bargain and I will buy one and attach it to my Holland and won't build it in. Can't wait to use it.


It looks interesting but I'd probably want it electric.
It would heat faster just for the sear.

Looks like you can cook on it also.
So If someone comes over and they want the sear and you dont....


I have one, and it's GREAT. You'll love it.


Just installed my Searmate. It was fantastic. I loved the way it did the steaks I put on it. The email was out last Friday. 6 days later, I got to taste the sweet rewards. Thanks Holland for another fantastic product. My dealer Miscisin Bros in Standish, Michigan was right on top of getting this item for me. They are the best.


Just tried the searing SearMate. Awesome steak! It got hot in about 2 minutes, seared it for a minute or 2 on each side and had a great medium rare steak--just the way I like it. Had the potatoes going on the Holland.Thanks