Topic Title: Buffalo Wings
Created on February 28, 2009 at 04:52 PM


Hi Everyone-

I've searched this forum and can't seem to find a recipe for buffalo style wings. Does anyone have any ideas? Cooking time?



I'm not sure what Buffalo style wings are, but I do BBQ wings with Holland's seasoning and grill them 25 minutes on each side. Out of this world!


Preheat the grill. Place wings in a bowl and coat completely with Holland Breader Mix (not necessary but my preference). Place wings on Holland grill for 35-40 mins turning once if desired. Take wings of grill and cover with Buffalo wing sauce (Frank's Red Hot is GREAT). Allow to stand for 5mins and ENJOY!!


Use two packages of Party Wings from the supermarket. Rinse wings and put in plastic bag. Put 3 to 5 tablespoons of Gates Hot-N-Spicy Rub (can get rub on internet from Gates BBQ in Kansas City)into the bag and shake. Put bag in refrigerator for several hours. Dump ribs on hot Holland Grill for 30 to 45 mintues (crispier at 45 mintues).


Dump wings onto grill in recipe above. (not ribs).


Forget the wings! Use chicken tenders. Brush with olive oil,salt & pepper, dust with flour . Grill 20 minutes /side. Place in pan pour on the wing sauce, cover with foil & place in the oven @ 200 deg till ready to serve


After cutting the tips I use holland rump rub. Place on preheated grill for about 20 mins on each side. Brush on some texas pete buffalo sauce with about 10 mins to go.easy and great.


i like to fill my drip pan with water and steam the wings for about thirty minutes. then drain the water and cook the wings until crispy about twenty minutes. use franks red hot and butter 50/50 melt the butter on really low heat on your stove top so it doesnt separate. and in a large mixing bowl toss your wings in the sauce.. i have tried many sauces for wings and everybody likes this one. its not hot and it has a great flavor. im a sissy when it comes to hot spicy foods and i love this recipe