Topic Title: Fantastic!
Created on February 28, 2009 at 11:04 PM


I ordered my Apex grill Monday, picked it up yesterday, assembled it last night, and cooked on it tonight. I kept it simple, some fresh boneless chicken breasts, actually kind of thick, with the digital probe thermometer. I used Brad's seasoning on them, and laid them on the edges of the grill. It was amazing - the outside had a slight crust to it, and the middle was oozing with juices and flavor. Cooking to a temperature works fantastic! I can't wait for the searing unit to come in I ordered as well - it's going to be good eating from now on. Thanks for a fantastic grill.


The food you cook on it will only get better as the grill becomes "seasoned". Mine took three or four cookings to get adjusted, after that it has been a perfect grill.