Topic Title: Stainless Grill
Created on March 6, 2009 at 06:07 PM

Mike Plummer

I've had a stainless holland for the past 9 yrs but have had temp issues from day 1. The holland rep came out and worked on my grill twice and we could never get the grill to cook consistently due to temp issues. I went back to the dealer but he wouldn't replace my grill even after saying he'd heard of other stainless models having temp issues. The grill cooks ok but it takes 45 mintues to cook anything even after the grill is hot. I say all that to say this, my grill is 9 yrs old and needs replacing but before I purchase a new one I wanted to know if anyone else has expirenced these issues with newer stainless models or if there is any feedback regarding temps issues with any other models?


Absolutely no problems here. I bought a new 2007 model epic this year and it heats up QUICKLY and consistently. Mine is not stainless but I understand that ALL new Hollands cook hotter than the old models.


Yes i've got an older stainless modle and had temp problems. My burner did go bad after 12 years. when I received a new burner and installed it that was the end of the problem. My old grill has been cooking in between 425 and 450 ever sense.


Mike, suck out the burner with a shop vac, then put on a new hose and regulator, and then make sure you have a #57 orifice, if you are on propane.

Caleb in Ky

I've still got one of Holland's original stainless grills--the Premier. It has always cooked a little cooler than my son's (he has a black one) so I've done some research and found out that stainless heats differently. It's been awesome when I cook whole turkeys and chickens. But I'm excited to hear about this new Infra Red cooker they have now. I've ordered one and they said it will fit right on the side of my grill for me to sear steaks and chicken breasts. Can't wait!


I promise you that you will love your new Searmate.


I had the same problem with the grill just not getting hot enough. Eventually I decided to buy the gas orifice that comes on the non-stainless model ($1.00 + S&H) which is just a little bit larger. Thats why if you look at the specs it kick out more BTU's. It has worked great. It heats up to 400. Keep an eye on your's and if it is getting to hot you may have to switch back to the original orifice.