Topic Title: confused
Created on March 8, 2009 at 02:51 PM


I guess it is confusing when holland grill owners share a recipe, and it say to turn the meat--with the holland grill you don't have to do this??
I have never had to and it looks the same on both side of the meat....perfect every time!!


That's why I always say turn IF DESIRED. Some folks insist on turning but it certainly it is NOT necessary.


Rule of thumb on grilling on the Holland--if the meat takes less than 1 hour to grill, turn once. If over an hour, don't turn. Works pretty well. Usually its good to turn burgers, steaks, chops, etc. once but they will cook without turning.


Does anyone know if Holland grills go on sale? I am looking for one.


@chris you can locate a dealer near you from the holland website and then click on the FIND A DEALER on the left side of their home page.