Topic Title: Lid gap
Created on March 10, 2009 at 12:19 PM


Any way to adjust the grill top/lid? There is a slight gap on the right facing the front. Left side appears to sit flush. (legacy LS/Apex) Would this allow to much heat to escape? (Floor model)


Have you loosened the hinge bolts in the back to allow the lid to sit properly on the bottom shell, then retighten?

If this doesn't work you might have a slightly warped bottom. They is easy to straighten. Call Holland & they can tell how to do this.


Thanks! I'll try that.


We just set up an epic and had the same problem but I think it was the left side that had the gap. with the hinges loose we could rock the whole lid from corner to corner so there is a bit of warpage on the bottom. BUT we use the girll for a demo on a cold and windy (30mph and 45 deg.) day and it heated up and cooked just fine.


Had a 14 year old Holland with the gap in the lid and it worked fine. Just replaced it with a new Apex.

billy b

If your lid does not sit properly then the bottom is warped slightly. It is easy to correct, just measure to see if the bottom is square, if not make it square using a pipe clamp after loosening the hinges, then retighten the hinges. Should be fine


Hey all,

Good suggestions, but keep in mind that the lid itself could also be warped. It's easier to check the lid first by taking it off & laying it on a flat surface. If the lid does not rock, then you can assume that the bottom shell is warped.