Topic Title: Half Grid
Created on March 13, 2009 at 09:30 AM


What is the Half Grid some recipes refer to?


the half grid is a accessory that gives you more cooking area. it's a raised shelf that sits on the main cooking surface about 4 inches higher


I always wanted one of these half grids but was too cheap to buy one.
Always thought I could just make one myself out of expanded metal... but I never did.
Anyone got one they wanna sell?

Butch in AR

The half rack gives you more cooking surface when you have alot of people to feed. I like to do the meat on the bottom and put baked potatoes up on the half rack. It's much more than just a warming rack, plus it's not in your way when you don't need it.


I bought one of the half racks last year for my
original Premier. After using it, not sure why
we waited so long to buy one. Worth every cent.

Use mine to grill veges. Potato goes on the main
bottom grid with meats. Stuff like asparagus, carrots,
broccoli, etc. go in olive oil and butter in tin foil
packages and placed on the half grid. Turn out better
than steaming them.



Buy the half rack. Put your veggies, seafood, bread, etc on it while the meat cooks below. Caution, it is not a cooler surface however like conventional gas grills. Wouldn't know what to do without it!!!