Topic Title: Sear Attachment
Created on March 13, 2009 at 07:23 PM


Will this New Sear Grill come with Attachments to connect to mt Holland Grill ?


If you watch and listen to the video--- it says that it will replace the side board- or burner if so equiped. At least thats what I heard.

I think it is kinda sad that they came out with a searer- kind of as if they are admitting a weakness in their design after all these years.
But I am not saying I would'nt want one....

Jeff G

I wouldn't say that is is a weakness, people have been asking for something to sear for some time now. I love everything that I make on my APEX, but I wouldn't mind having a SearMate for putting a nice crust on a steak once in a while. Don't think of it as admitting to a design flaw, but that the Holland Company is evolving their products. What how many Model T's would Ford be selling if they were still on the market?

John Gardner

I hope it will fit my Classic II. I already have a sideburner, that i use a cast iron skillet to sear with. But this would be so much easier and I like the brill marks.


It's definitely not a weakness. I just bought one, seared some steaks but already had baked potatoes and bread grilling on my Holland. Unbelievable. You can cook all your dinner at one time and satisfy everybody's taste. Good to see Holland offering more choices--shows signs of a healthy company.


Actually jjd the SearMate attaches to the right side and the sideburner attaches to the left so you can have both if you want. When you're not using the SearMate the lid makes a great work surface, same with the sideburner. Unfortunately, it will NOT fit on the Classic II or Premier II--yet. If you're handy with tools you can adapt it. Call Holland and ask for Donald.