Topic Title: Holland Charcoal Grill??
Created on March 15, 2009 at 11:51 PM

Mike G.

I read that Holland is coming out with a charcoal grill. Does anyone have any information about this? What will be the price?


It's true...I wonder why...but I hope it sells!

Willam T

I can't wait for the Holland charcoal. I've got the gas Holland Tradition and I love it. But once in a while I like to smell and taste of charcoal.

Skip P.

My understanding is that is a dual purpose grill. I think you can cook with gas or charcoal but I haven't seen the specs so I don't know how that works.

the demostator

charcoal only


Got my hands on a prototype and tryed it out. The day was wet and windy. The grill has alot of air vents to help with the flow and it did a super job, plenty of adjustment also for the grid hight. The whole meal was cooked at once and the taste of the baked beans were smokin great. As far as dual fuel I havent heard that.


I was able to snag one of the new Holland Grill charcoal grills--Patriot I think it's called. I smoked a big brisket on it and it was out of this world. The four air vents let you control the heat. I'm going to buy their lid thermometer to put in the lid so I'll know how hot it is getting. Nice job, Holland!. I've got your portable and one of the big gas grills too.

Mike G

Does anyone know what the cost will be?


Just google "holland patriot grill". I found a company that sells all of the Holland grills. They list the Patriot at $499. For reference, Apex was $999, Epic was $749 & Heritage was $599. All a bit better than my local dealer, but not by a lot.


By the way, here's a link to a 'you tube' video of the Patriot.


My local dealer has the Searer and the charcoal one.
I like that the charcoal one lets you move the grate to different positions and the 4 adjustable air vents.
But I'm still not sure i want to deal with all the mess.


I like the ease of the Holland but occasionally like to charcoal. I'm going to try one. I don't mind the mess every now and then, but not every day. That charcoal sure smells good though.