Topic Title: side burner
Created on March 28, 2009 at 04:16 PM

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Ard you still making the side burner and how can I order one? Are you going to make the sear mate in stainless steel. Thanks Steve


Steve we may still have a small inventory of stainless sideburners left. We plan to redesign it at a later time to make it match the appearance of the SearMate. You can check with your local dealer or order one from us. The model number is BHA3008W. We've taken it off our website but you can call customer service at 800-880-9766 and see if we have any left. Plans are in the works for a stainless SearMate. Can't give you a time frame just yet. Thanks for being one of our great customers!
--Holland Grill


I have a new in box side burner if you are interested.