Topic Title: Grill Heating
Created on April 1, 2009 at 01:19 AM


I had a 14 year old holland I just replaced. It is not heating (replaced with stainless) the way it should, and after being on awhile the flame gets very loud. Unhooked and rehooked gas & adjusted air flow.


If you are getting a roaring sound from your flame, you may have your air-shutter setting too lean. You need a mostly blue flame with some yellow/orange in the tips. If your flame is all blue, you have too much air mixing with the gas. Always adjust with the lid open & no food on the grill.
If this does not solve your problem, call Holland for assistance.
Just as a reference, the newer model grills all get a little hotter than the older models, but they need to be adjusted properly.


That was the problem. Now getting it to 400.



Nope. Still an issue. 40 today and windy. Never got above about 325. Old grill cooked fine in this weather. Past Holland cheerleader, getting very frustrated. Calling company tomorrow about regulator.


I had a similiar issue. my dealer drilled the orfice out just a 64th bigger and been great ever since. In the winter time when it's below zero I have to put a crumpled up piece of foil in the smoke stacks to bring the temp up and then it's fine.



Both of your ideas are dangerous.

Please do not encourage people to drill out their orifices or block their stacks. Both are prohibited in the grill manual. Either will void their warranty & could result in a fire or explosion under the right conditions. Someone could be seriously injured or worse.

If your grill is not heating properly, get help to solve the problem. 800-880-9766