Topic Title: burn out
Created on April 1, 2009 at 09:33 PM

i clean my grill the first time i used it aftr i clean it i had a fire it actully melted the knobs on the front,i want to replace burners etc but buners are nor listed on the holland web site are they a standard size
i emailed holland i was told to check the blog
lots of confidifence lossed i hate to throw the stainless grill out


Are you serious? Do you mean the house burned and the grill was damaged? Why does the burner need to be replaced? Have you called The Holland Co and not the country of Holland?

Mike C

April Fools perhaps?


DO NOT TOSS UR GRILL!!!You likely had a backdraft caused by either rust build up in the venturi or an insect web or nest that blocked the gas flow causing a fire that could melt knobs etc

Brian E

Burners are listed for virtually every grill model made in the last 20 years on the Parts/Warranty page under Gas Components. Most are available for the S/H charge only.
Don't email Holland on technical problems. Call them with all your grill information. 800-880-9766