Topic Title: Grill won't light
Created on April 5, 2009 at 10:35 PM


Hello to all. My Tradition that I have owned for years won't light. I thought It was empty on propane so I brought the tank in. It was 50% full. I had them fill it up and it seems that there isn't propane getting to the burner. Is it possible that my regulator got bad over the winter? That is my guess. Any ideas??? How pricey is a regulator? Thanks!!!

billy c

Your grill did not happen to fall over in the winter did it? If so, then possibly you have a bunch of rust down by the jet now and gas can not get through.



Clean out the burner & the gas valve. If either are blocked, that should solve your problem. Instructions are on the web-site under grill care tips.

If that doesn't solve your problem, replace the hose & regulator.