Topic Title: I LOVE my Holland Grill
Created on April 6, 2009 at 11:36 AM


I have owned a Holland for six years and absolutely love it. It does cook inthe vicinity of 400 degrees, a little less on windy days. But the food is unbelievable! If you want a burned burger that's crunch on the outside and raw in the middle, don't buy this grill. If you want a juicy, delicious burger that's done all the way through, you should buy this grill. And you've got to try a whole turkey. I'll never cook on in my oven again after eating a Holland turkey. If I want fast food, I go to McDonalds. But I prefer the taste of my Holland.

Pete in IL

I'm a loyal Holland grill man myself. Mine is going on 6 years now. I've tried some very expensive, pretty grills but I swear, they just don't cook food thats so juicy and moist and does it so easily. Holland Grills are one of the worlds best kept secrets. I love mine.


I also love my Holland Grill. Had it 8 years now. The only thing I don't like is that my meat bill has gone up. We use it almost every single night.

TJ from OK

By far the best grill on the market. I've tried them all from webers to eggs...Holland beats them all!

Ready Freddy

Best Grill on the market. Never a Problem....perfect food EVERY TIME!!!