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Created on December 11, 2007 at 08:16 PM


Does anyone have the cooking method for a Boston Butt that appeared in a recent newsletter? I would like to have a copy of it if anyone can find it. I believe it called for wrapping the butt in foil.


Marvin...I cut and paste the article for you. I tried it and it was awesome! (Sorry this takes up so much space) Bill the Grill Guy has been selling and cooking on Holland Grills for over 18 years. He recently discovered a "secret technique" for making that Boston Butt so tender the bone will just fall out. Here's the secret in his own words: "I take pride in cooking a lot on my Holland Grill. I have been using it 18 years and the food is always really good. I just found a new recipe that utilizes some techniques that I have not used and I thought everyone would find it interesting. The meat turned out to be outstanding and it was a fairly easy procedure to follow." said James. "We were going to a surprise birthday party for a friend and there would be about 18 people attending," he continued. "I usually would get a Boston Butt roast and grill it with Carolina seasoning and it turns out great. Very tasty, tender and moist, just the way the food comes out after grilling on my Holland. These friends know my grilling and I always have to do something to impress them." "I knew my regular recipe would be great. But then I was talking to a friend that used to cook butts in contests. He gave me the recipe that made the day at the party we were attending. Here it is:
  • 2 large Boston Butt roasts, 8-9lbs
  • Carolina Seasoning
  • Aluminum foil
"I put the roasts on the grill with Carolina seasoning on it, letting them grill for about 2 hours. This time I even used some hickory Flav-O-Buds to give a little smoke flavor. After 2 hours, I had heavy duty aluminum foil and double-wrapped each one separately and left them on the grill another 3 hours. After that time, I took them inside and carefully opened the foil to a beautiful, fully cooked roast. The smell was outrageous. I gently removed the bones with my tongs. Each one just pulled right out. It was truly amazing. The roasts were recovered and set aside as we readied for the party." "We went to the party," continued James, "and about 3 hours after taking the roast off the grill, the meat was unwrapped. It was still very warm. I had some rubber gloves and gently tore the meat apart. It just fell apart under my guidance. With tongs in hand, a large serving was placed on a bun for one of the best sandwiches you would want. Several just wanted meat and that was great too." "You may want to try this the next time you want some great pulled pork sandwiches for a large gathering. It was easy and everyone raved about how good it was. I gloated."


Thanks for the recipe. That is whay I was looking for. I had tried it and it is great. We even froze one and it was great a few weeks later.


I tried this recipe a couple of months ago, after first seeing it in the newsletter, and I've got one on the grill as I type this. The first one could not have turned out better...falling off the bone tender and juicy.


When using this recipe do you close the valve and fill the pan with water to lower the grilling temp? Also, do you cook the butts with the fat side up or down first before wrapping with foil?


I'm grilling a butt as I type this for Christmas Eve dinner party. I always place it on the grill fat side down. I don't use the water, I just put it right on the grill.


I've only grilled 2 of them, but I had the fat side up both times. I just figured I wanted the juices from the fat to trickle down the rest of the butt as it cooked. I didn't use water either, but I did crack open the lid maybe 1/2 inch to keep the temp down some.
I only grilled one at a time, and they were each approximately 12 pounds. They didn't go the full 5 total hours, as this recipe suggests for cooking 2 at a time. Mine each went a total of 4 hours and 30 mins total, before reaching 180 degrees. At that point, I took them off the grill and allowed them to sit for about 1 hour (still covered in foil).


I shared this cooking procedure with my family. This was the best Boston Butt that I have ever cooked.


I cooked a butt by this recipe on New Year's Day and it was awesome. I chopped up the meat and added some Lexington style homemade sauce. Made the best BBQ sandwiches I've ever ate.


Few questions: What doyou think the initial cook time would be on this recipe for a 4lb boston butt. Also, should the top be cracked to cook at a lower temp. Thanks!!!


I just bought a new Epic a couple of months ago and am really enjoying it. I finally tried cooking a 5LB Boston Butt this weekend and was a little disappointed. I have checked the flame adjustment (blue with a little orange tips) and the grill heats up quickly to about 400-450. I filled the pan with water and put the butt on. It quickly went back to 400. I took a block of wood and raised the lid about 3 or 4 inches and left it this way. It only brought the temp down to about 350. That was as low as I could get the grill temp down to about 350. I cooked the buttfor 2 hours and then wrapped in foil and back out on the grill for 1 more hour as the probe showed 190. The meat was very tough. Maybe this was because it cooked in only 3 hours, but I can't seem to get the temp lowered. Maybe it was just a bad butt ! Any suggestion is greatly appreciated ! Everything else we have cooked on the grill has turned out fantastic. I'm really wanting some delicious BBQ !!!!


Michael, by letting the Butt stay longer in the foil it allows it to "break down" the meat, thus becoming very tender. Don't worry about the temp. I never use the water either. Just cook for two hours then wrap in the foil. Let stay in foil for minimum of 2 hours. Try again and bet you will be very satisfied. I do the same thing with ribs, cook for 45 minutes on the grill, then wrap in foil for 45 minutes. Falls off the bone!


Thanks Capnbubb !
Even though my temp probe showed it at 190 after 3 hours, then should I still leave it on the grill for another hour ? Just afraid I would over cook if I left it on any longer. I'm ready for that "fall off the bone" BBQ !! Cooked the burgers last night for the first time. Put them on, shut the lid, drank a margarita and 10 mins. later I flipped them and shut the lid for another 10 mins and another margarita. Sooooo nice to not have to sit there and fight the flames...not to mention having the juciest burgers I have ever had off the grill !
Thanks !!


My key to a good "Boston butt" is 190 degree internal temp. Cook about 1.5 hours then wrap in foil for the last 1.5 hours or to 190 degrees. After it gets to 190 take the butt and place in a picnic cooler. Yep, put that bad boy in the cooler and let it sit for atleast 1 hour! I am not joking. The max I let it sit once is 2.5 hours. The meat will still be warm, then take the whole thing foil and all and place in your serving pan; remove foil and pull the pork. You will be amazed. The long it sits the better/easier it is to pull. I do this for all my pork butts and they come out perfect! I've done 4 butts before and the time took longer to cook more like 4.5 hours and when my church ate them their tongues were slapping there eyeballs out! As for the comment about ribs and 45 mins out and 45 min in foil. That is the gospel. I've done it to many times to count and they are perfect like that. 8 slabs or 2 does not matter. HOLLAND's are the way to go!!! Good luck bbq-mates.

Joel in Texas

About the ribs...when you say 45 minutes on the grill and take them out and wrap infoil for 45 minutes, do you put them back in the grill or just let them set in the foil?


Joel, 45 min in the foil back on the grill. Total cooking time is 1.5 hours.


On ribs, a friend of mine taught me a trick and it works great, but I do cheat and use the oven. Apply rub to the ribs and then wrap in saran wrap and then with heavy duty foil. Place in oven at 250 degrees for hours. Once you take them out of the oven remove the foil and wrap (the wrap does not melt, but it feels like it is about to melt). Place ribs on grill with smoke chips and brush with sauce. They become so tender, the bones pull right out. I know I am cheating with the oven, but the grill would start them too hot, but does add a great baste and smoke flavor.


This butt recipe was great. Best pulled pork I've ever eaten. Tender, juicy and didn't taste like burned wood.

Jeff G

This procedure works excellent. I cooked mine 1 hour on one side, 1 hour on the other. I then double wrapped it in heavy duty foil and left my thermometer probe in. I left it in the grill until the internal temperature was 205 degrees, wrapped it in an insulated bag, surrounded it with towels in a cooler, and let it in there for 3 hours. The internal temperature was still 179 degrees when I removed it. It pulled with no effort.


This is a great recipe!


Can a large piece of meat, such as a boston butt or whole uncut chicken, be cooked on a Companion?


You can cook anything on a Companion as long as you have a couple of inches of clearance all the way around, so the heat can circulate through the top half of the grill. I do whole chickens often on mine, but I do not get the huge roaster hens that I do on my full size Holland.


Well, I finally got around to trying another butt on the grill. I took the pointers given to me from several of you one here about leaving it wrapped in the foil for a while. I cooked a small 3lb butt for 45 mins. and then double wrapped it in foil and put back on for about another hour until it reached 190. Took it off and let it sit for 2 hours and then unwrapped it. just fell apart no problem and tasted great. I didn't even put any seasoning on it either. Just slapped it on the grill. Now I'm fixin to cook about 4 - 5LB'ers this weekend for our big 4th Party ! Hope they turn out the same !!


Well...I cooked 4 Butt's today about 5 1/2 lbs. each. Cooked them for 1 hour, then double wrapped in heavy duty foil and cooked for 2 more hours until the the digital thermometer hit 190. This time, we took the idea from one of the above post and wrapped each one in a towel and placed them in a big cooler and left them in there for about 2 1/2 hours. When we took them out, they were almost still to hot to handle. We unwrapped the foil and tried to move it over to a flat pan and it just fell apart...just like I was hoping for !!!! Very little fat was leftover and man was it good ! All we have to do is add some sauce tomorrow and there's gonna be some happy guest !!!

Happy 4th all !

Steve in OK

Well, I have to add my experience with butts. Completely covered two 7-pounders with yellow mustard, then used a rub that I made up, and really poured it on. From there, I placed them on the grill, waited two hours, took them off and wrapped them in double foil, left them on for 3 more hrs. Then started doing about 20 chicken quarters, while the pork rested in a cooler. Came back later, opened the pork, and promptly lifted the bones out of the meat with no effort. We had 24 to 30 people over for the 4th, and the pork and chicken blew everyone away. Got lots of questions like "How did you get time to cook all this food?" "You did all this on your grill?" Then "What kind of grill do you have, anyway?"