Topic Title: Turkey breast
Created on April 11, 2009 at 05:44 PM


I am planning on grilling a 5lb turkey breast for Easter, but my wife often complains how long the Holland takes, and she is pressing me for a "done time." Any idea how long I should plan for this piece to be done, once the grilled is warmed up?


Allow about 15-20 minutes a pound for a turkey breast. If you have a digital thermometer set it for 180. It's done when the internal temperature of the meat reaches 180. My advice would be to cook it early. Use wax paper and foil to wrap and it will stay hot and juicy for hours. That way your guests won't be waiting on it. Tell your wife to have patience, the Holland cooks like an oven but it doesn't dry food out. My wife LOVEs our Holland Grill because I do all the cooking!

Jeff G

Even if you finish a little early, you can wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and put a towel over it to keep it warm. I have done it with whole chickens, whole turkeys, and Beef Brisket. They all still stayed moist and warm.


I have the Epic grill and just finished cooking a 9.4 lb. turkey brest last night. Turkey temp at 170 degrees in 1 hr. 10 minutes.

Great brown on the skin and juicy on the white meat.

Has some for lunch today.

Hope this help a little on your time requirement.