Topic Title: New Epic Grill
Created on April 11, 2009 at 09:12 PM

Vince Little

I just bought a new Epic grill soley on the word of one of my co-workers. I've not yet tasted anything on it yet.

About 30 minutes ago, the installer came and connected my grill to the natural gas line (my dealer converted it to gas).

I turned it on and after 30 mintues, the temperature is 475. Is that too hot?

I opened the lid and the temp immediately dropped. But I am concerned that it is too hot since the literature says food cooks at about 400.

How hot should the grill be on warm up?

Billy C

Your grill is doing just fine. Cook and enjoy


I don't have one yet, but hear (from research) that they will cook a little warmer the first few times. So, probably give it some time. It doesn't sound like its way outside of the range of what other people are reporting/discussing with newer Hollands.


My new Epic cooks right at 450, but it is now February and outdoor temps are around 20-30 when I use it. I would assume that it would cook a little hotter during the warmer months.


it tempers down after a few uses. You're good to go


Hi Vince,

My Epic was the same way. It did take a few months of grilling (couple times a week) before it started to cook at lower temps. It averages about 350 - 400 in summer and about 300 - 350 cooler months. Even cooking at the high temps didn't really seem to make a big difference except for maybe just cooking it a little faster. It will be fine ! Enjoy it !!!!