Topic Title: companion
Created on April 12, 2009 at 06:23 PM


bought a new one doesnt get hot called whent threw all the b!!! s!!! and still doesnt work why do they even give you a wood chip tray it wont get hot enough to make smoke tried 1 pound 20 pound and 40 pound bottle no change then they say we will send you a new regulator but i must pay 9 dollars shipping and handling i bought the grill new what a joke of a warranty


Mine wont get too hot if I dont follow the lighting sequence.

Where did you buy it at?

Billy C

The warranty is rediculous. The regulator only costs about $9.00. They should ship you one at no charge through the dealer you bought it from, if indeed you bought it from a dealer and not on the internet


My Companion works great. It wasn't getting hot once but someone at Holland told me how to adjust it. They did replace the little hose that fits it to a tank that they said was bad. I've got no complaints with it.