Topic Title: electric vs. propane companion
Created on April 13, 2009 at 06:08 PM


My in-laws want to buy an companion grill. The mother-in-law wants an electric model. Just curious how the two models compare and pros & cons of each. Any feed back would be helpful.


Anyone with any opinions on the electric vs the propane model of the companion?

Jim S

The electric Companion works & heats just about the same as the LP Companion. They will both cook the same, so it is a choice based on your personal preference & situation.
The primary market for the electric version was for apartment & condo dwellers where gas grills were prohibited. Also, since no LP gas is involved, they are simpler to use. Just be sure to use a good heavy duty extension cord if needed.

Jessica D

The Electric Companion works just a good as the LP. We cooked a pork loin on it (about 3 lbs) and it turned out great. You get the same Holland flavor as the juices still smoke up from the drip pan. Electric is a bit more simple to use, too.


we live in a condo in DC and the little electric companion is perfect for us. We're on the 8th floor and can't have a gas grill. The electric works great.


Can the Champion gas be converted to electric?

@ Gene

No, the "Companion" grill is either gas or electric. It can't be changed from one to the other.


I use the electric companion in my kitchen actually! Yes im a bachelor haha. It will get a little smokey but not near as bad as you would think. Its well worth it when I dont want to grill outside.

Grilling indoors is kinda fun.

@ clspruiell

As taken from the "Safety information" section of your electric Companion's owner's manual:

"This cooking appliance is for OUTDOOR USE ONLY and shall not be used in a building, garage or any other enclosed area."

You are exposing yourself to a great deal of liability by using it indoors after being warned not to. If you have a fire or other problem the insurance company will back away quickly. If you are in an apartment, you could be sued for damages.

I hope you enjoy your Companion as much as I do, but outdoors only. Don't take a chance.