Topic Title: New Owner
Created on April 13, 2009 at 10:27 PM


I am a new proud owner of a Holland Grill, The Apex. Prior to my diving in are there any suggestions concering cooking and/or cleaning tips that seasoned owners recommend?

Jeff G

Your grill will probably cook kind of hot for the first few times, until the drip pan gets coated. My Apex settled in and cooks at about 425 Degrees. For the most part it is just important to keep your drip pan clean, it can effect the temperature and if it is covered with drippings you won't get any smoke when your drippings hit the pan.


pay attention to time when grilling on the holland follow the time chart or use the digital thermo from holland. Keep track and take notes so your stuff comes out great every time. Remember If your lookin your not cookin.