Topic Title: Consumer digest
Created on May 4, 2009 at 05:35 PM

Clark C.

I just picked up a copy of Consumer Digest (June issue) and low and behold there's my grill--The Heritage--in living color with a "Best Buy" award. Makes me feel pretty good having picked a Holland.

Spice man

I read that article too. Pretty impressive. I've got one and I already knew it was a good buy.


Nice article in that magazine.


I was disappointed a few issues back not to see the Holland grill in Consumer Report's evaluation of grills. I had to wonder (as I often have with CR reviews) just how knowledgable they are about grills since they left out the Holland. Anyone who knows anything about outdoor grills knows that Holland is in the top tier.


Consumer reports....what a joke. I've been disappointed with almost every purchase I've used their advice on. Even one of their darling Toyatas