Topic Title: grill gets to hot
Created on May 9, 2009 at 11:24 PM


Just purchased a new Apex grill. I have adjusted the air shutter until the flame is the proper color. The grill continues to heat above 500 degrees and burns the food. What do I need to do?

Jeff G

My Apex was cooking hot in the beginning. It will settle down after getting some buildup on the drip pan. For now, every time you cook something, put it above a clean spot on the drip pan so it will get seasoned. After using it for a little while, mine is usually around 350-425 degrees depending on what I am cooking. Don't worry, the first few things I cooked were a little overdone also.


Steaks cook best at 700 degrees or cook steaks until your pan is well seasoned. Also count your blessings, more of us have the opposite problem.

If the problem persists call Holland to ask about a smaller orifice jet.




That's way to hot for a Holland. Try calling or emailing customer service. The drip pan should be kept clean, thats where most of the cooking flavor comes from. If you are using the build up on the drip pan as a heat defuser you are not cooking properly, and will never be 100% satisfied with your Holland. 425-450 should be your cooking range.

Jeff G

When I said a "build up", I didn't mean an inch of crust on the drip pan. If the problem persists after seasoning the grill, more than likely there is too much air flow into the shutter. My Apex was set the same way from the factory. kyguy, have you ever had your flame just go out on you or a whistling sound? If so, close your shutter just a slight bit more. It will get rid of the problem with the flame going out and lower your temperature.


May 17, 2009 .... finished putting my new Apex together and fired it up .... I'm using natural gas .... it holds a steady 325 degrees according to the lid mounted thermometer. What do I need to do for the temperature to climb a little .... I would like to be around 375-400?



Did you install a NG orifice in your gas valve?

It sounds like you are running on NG with an LP orifice. If your grill is checked "LP" on the front data plate & you have not changed the orifice, you can order one from the web-site if your dealer can't help.